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BuildLondon connects job seekers with vacancies in London's major infrastructure and construction projects.

We provide the construction industry with the skilled workers it needs, and provides people with the opportunity to work with major construction projects in their communities.

BuildLondon is the only London-wide, specialist construction industry brokerage, offering a central point of contact for industry, colleges, local authorities and communities.

We aim to support communities, support diversity in construction, and support people wanting to train, upskill or reskill in the construction sector addressing existing and/or future skills gaps.

A Crossrail Legacy - BuildLondon has been established to ensure that the original centralised brokerage service created by Crossrail in partnership with Jobcentre Plus continue but on a wider scale.

Never underestimate the vital importance of finding early in life the work that for you is play

— Ken Robinson, author of The Element - 'How Finding our Passion Changes Everything' —


BuildLondon carries 100s of jobs from major construction companies and contractors. We also support contractors small and large in running training and apprenticeship opportunities.

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If you work in the construction industry, or would like to, then please register here to be notified when job opportunities arise.

BuildLondon is committed to local employment objectives and will actively seek to help you obtain the training you require so that you can achieve your career aspirations.

We share a vision about the future of work which is better for individuals, better for organisations and better for the world we live in.


BuildLondon enables major construction projects spanning multiple authorities to co-ordinate and fulfil planning obligations. We offer a pan-London brokerage that understands the importance, and difficulties, of local engagement, training and apprenticeships.

We work with projects across London, connecting and coordinating jobs and apprenticeship opportunities, allowing smaller contractors to take on collective apprenticeship opportunities.

BuildLondon aims to give careers in construction a greater level of visibility amongst communities and to promote a positive image of construction, to encourage greater entry into careers in the sector.

By partnering with the Crossrail brokerage we gain access to a wider pool of excellent and eager candidates. We can offer them the opportunity to gain employment, experience and lifelong qualifications — it is a win-win for all.

— Ciara Pryce, VGC Group Services director —

Local Authorities

Employment opportunities can be lost in the current fragmented brokerage system. BuildLondon can capture and exploit these as they arise, pushing them out to our unrivalled unique network of partners: colleges, employment support schemes and diversity initiatives.

We work with training colleges, skills providers and apprenticeship schemes to promote opportunities for trainees. BuildLondon can work with LA employment schemes to add value through workshops or specialist training.

BuildLondon works closely with the Department of Work and Pensions and JobcentrePlus. We aim to give careers in construction a greater level of visibility amongst communities through presence at employment and skills events and, by helping to promote a positive image of construction, to encourage greater interest in careers in the sector.

Our Partners

Laing O'Rourke
Women into Construction

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Some facts about BuildLondon*:

jobs advertised
local people into jobs
local people into apprenticeships
employment events attended
guidance sessions undertaken
— * figures include those achieved by the Crossrail brokerage —
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