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Job Reference: DigitalEngineer29Oct18

Closing date: Wednesday 12th December 2018

Hours: Fulltime

Pay: Competitive

Duration: Permanent

Location: Kirtling Street

CSCS Card: Not required

Role: This is an excellent opportunity to join the project team of one of the UK’s most advanced and innovative engineering and business services specialists and develop your career in the new BIM Engineering position in the Digital Engineering department.


  • Lead the implementation and delivery of project DE strategies.
  • Actively support and drive consistent implementation and continuous improvement of capability and capacity in line with industry best practice and emerging innovation and technology.
  • Implementation of BIM on the project by applying appropriate influence, input, resource, process and protocols.
  • Assets data management.
  • Seeks out, influences, develops and maintains collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders, both internal and external, to deliver BIM strategies.
  • Authoring and development of the 3D model, having full and up to date knowledge of all project information and documentation.
  • Mentoring of other team members and identifying areas of improvement.
  • Ability to challenge current or outdated techniques to implement your own ideas.
  • Involved in cost modelling aspects of digital engineering.
  • Utilising 4D and 5D principals to enable stakeholder to have visibility on progress / projected progress

Experience and Knowledge:

  • We are looking for candidates looking to expand their knowledge on multiple platforms on Bentley MicroStation software’s, ProjectWise and AECOsim.
  • Additionally, if you are familiar with CIMS or SQL databases it would be beneficial.

Is a CSCS card required? No Type:

This role is PAYE only. Successful applicants will undergo a Drug and Alcohol test. Please ensure you have the required cards and qualifications before applying.


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